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4 North York FairView Mall

North York FairView Mall

Fairview Mall is a popular shopping destination located in North York, Ontario, Canada. It is a large indoor shopping mall that offers a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options to its visitors.

The mall was first opened in 1970 and has since undergone several renovations to keep up with the changing times. Today, it is one of the largest malls in the city, with over 175 stores and services spread across more than 1 million square feet of retail space.

Shopping at Fairview Mall is a unique experience. The mall is designed to cater to the needs of everyone, whether you’re a fashionista looking for the latest trends or a tech enthusiast seeking the latest gadgets. Some of the popular stores at Fairview Mall include H&M, Zara, Sephora, Apple, and Hudson’s Bay.

Apart from shopping, the mall also offers a range of dining options to visitors. From fast food joints like McDonald’s and KFC to upscale restaurants like Moxie’s Grill & Bar and JOEY, there is something to suit every taste bud at Fairview Mall. There are also several cafes and dessert places where visitors can enjoy a quick snack or a sweet treat.

For entertainment, the mall features a Cineplex theatre where visitors can catch the latest movies. There is also a mini-golf course and a virtual reality arcade for those looking for some fun activities to do with family or friends.

One of the unique features of Fairview Mall is its commitment to sustainability. The mall has implemented several initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, including the use of energy-efficient lighting and heating systems, the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, and the implementation of waste diversion programs.

The mall also hosts several events throughout the year, including fashion shows, live performances, and cultural celebrations. These events provide visitors with an opportunity to experience different cultures and engage in fun activities with their family and friends.

Fairview Mall’s location in North York makes it easily accessible from different parts of the city. The mall is situated at the intersection of two major highways, the Don Valley Parkway and Highway 401, and is also connected to the Sheppard subway line, making it easy to get to by car or public transit.

Overall, Fairview Mall is a vibrant and dynamic shopping destination that offers visitors a unique and enjoyable experience. With its diverse range of stores, dining options, and entertainment activities, the mall has something to offer everyone. Its commitment to sustainability and community engagement also make it a responsible and socially-conscious shopping destination that is worth visiting.

driving directions from Fairview Mall to Elite European Spa at 4801 Keele St #31, North York, ON M3J 3A4:

  1. Head south on Don Mills Rd/Don Valley Pkwy toward Sheppard Ave E.
  2. Take exit 369 for Steeles Ave.
  3. Turn left onto Steeles Ave E.
  4. Turn right onto Keele St.
  5. Continue straight for about 2 km.
  6. Elite European Spa will be on your left in the plaza at the corner of Keele St and Steeles Ave W.

The total driving distance is approximately 10 km and should take around 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic.

driving directions from Fairview Mall to Yorkdale Shopping Centre:

  1. Head west on Sheppard Ave E.
  2. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Don Mills Rd.
  3. Use the right lane to merge onto Don Valley Pkwy N via the ramp to Hwy 401.
  4. Take the Yorkdale Rd exit.
  5. Turn right onto Yorkdale Rd.
  6. Follow the signs for Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

Yorkdale Shopping Centre will be on your right-hand side. The total driving distance is approximately 8 km and should take around 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic.

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